Model ME Hydro-Trip Pressure Sub

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Wireline Flow Control Tools


Wireline Flow Control Tools




The Model ME Hydro Trip Pressure Sub is a pressure actuated device installed in tubing string below a hydrostatically actuated tool such as a packer. It provides a method of applying pressure to activate and set the packer and then through continued pressure, activate the Hydro-Trip Sub. The Packer is set by circulating a ball through the packer down to ball seat in Hydro Trip Sub. After packer is set, a continued increase in pressure is applied to shear the shear screws in the shear ring, allowing the ball seat collet to move down into the collet relief area and allowing the ball to pass down the Hydro Trip Sub through the tubing, leaving a "full open" Sub with no restrictions to production. After a Hydro Trip Sub has been pulled from well, it is manufactured such that it can be redressed and utilized again


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