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Model MWR Wireline Set Sleeve Valve Cement Retainers are used for secondary cementing operations. These drillable retainers set securely in any hardness casing. A ratchet lock ring stores the setting force in the retainer. The one piece packing element and metal back up rings combine for a superior seal. The case hardened, one piece slips virtually eliminate premature setting, yet can be easily drilled out. They are available for 4 1/2" through 20" casing.

  • Sets securely in any hardness casing, including premium grades Ratchet lock rings secure dynamic setting force
  • One piece packing element and rocker action metal back up rings combine for a superior seal
  • Compact, easy running
  • Can be set directly with Baker wireline setting tools
  • Shear studs are Baker style and connect directly to the Baker Adjuster Sub
  • These bridge plugs can be run directly on Baker Setting Sleeves and Adjuster Subs
  • Crossovers are not required

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Wireline Set Cement Retainers - MWR-0
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