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Wireline Flow Control Tools


Wireline Flow Control Tools





The "MX" Landing Nipple offers an expanded versatility to downhole selection. Any desired number of "MX" Nipples can be placed in the production string, thereby offering an unlimited number of positions for setting and locking surface controls.

May be used in the following applications:

  • Land blanking plugs to shut in well or to test the production tubing
  • Land Velocity Type Safety Valves
  • Land equalizing check valves
  • Land circulating blanking plugs
  • Land chokes to reduce surface flowing pressures
  • Land instrument hangers with geophysical devices such as pressure and temperature recorders

Features of MX Landing Nipple:

  • Versatility to reduce completion and production costs
  • Nipple bore compatible with tubing size and weight to permit flow capacity
  • Designed for standard tubing weight
  • All premium threads available


MXN Landing Nipple (non-selective)

The "MXN" Landing Nipple is designed for use in single nipple installations or as the bottom nipple when placed a series of type "MX" Landing Nipples. "MXN" Nipple can be used in the above applications as "MX", besides that, it has restricted I.D. catches tools dropping during wireline work.

Features of MXN Landing Nipple:

  • Full-opening packing bore, with a locking recess at the top of the Nipple and slightly restricted No-Go at the bottom to prevent wireline tools from dropping out of the tubing string and being lost
  • All premium threads available


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