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Wireline Flow Control Tools


Wireline Flow Control Tools





The Model MT-2 On-Off Tool is a left-hand release, tubing disconnect device with an internal lock profile for securing flow control equipment. It is used in operations that require tubing disconnect and reengagement without disturbing the packer. The internal lock profile is used to retain flow control devices such as plugs, valves or chokes.

The MT-2 On-Off Tool comprises two basic componets, the Overshot and Stinger.

The Overshot has a Box Up which connects to tubing string. The Stinger has a Pin Down which connects to the packer. The Overshot has a wash over shoe/boot configuration which allows cutting through debris.

The Overshot automatically jays up on Stinger when lowered into well.

  • Designed to isolate a lower zone or to disconnect the tubing without releasing or disturbing the packer.
  • 1/4 turn Left-hand release, auto-on.
  • Optional right-hand release.
  • Bonded seals allow multiple disconnects.
  • Can be pinned in a shear-up or shear-down position.
  • Type MX internal lock profiles are standard. Other profiles are also available.
  • Full open or solid Stinger available.


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