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The MAP Model MHSB Hydraulic Setting Tools are used to run and set packers, bridge plugs and cement retainers on a work string, production tubing or coil tubing. After dropping a ball, the setting tool translates hydraulic pressure applied to the tubing to a force transmitted through the adapter kit to the slips and pack off the sealing element of these tools. It allows setting in high-angle or deviated wells where it is often difficult to use wireline equipment. While running in the hole, the setting tool automatically fills with well bore fluid and remains balanced to prevent premature setting. After setting the packer, bridge plug or cement retainer, the coil tubing or tubing string and the setting tool can then be retrieved, while allowing the well bore fluids in the tubing to discharge through bypass ports in the tool.

  • Simple Operation
  • Uses the same adapters for running as are used with a Baker 10# or 20# setting tool
  • Automatically fills and drains
  • Hydraulically balanced while running in the hole to prevent premature setting
  • Can withstand high tensile loads
  • Two-stage cylinders are standard
  • No rotation required

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