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The ML Circulating Sleeve is a downhole flow control device mounted in the production tubing. Any number of sleeves may be run in a tubing string and any or all of them may be opened or closed with a Self Releasing MD-2 Shifting Tool.

The top sub of ML Circulating Sleeve contains an "MF" landing nipple profile and a seal bore. Selective and No-Go flow control accessories can be utilized with this sleeve.

The ML Circulating Sleeve maybe used in the following applications:

  • Displacing kill or completion fluid
  • Allowing multiple zones to produce up one tubing string
  • Selective testing or stimulation of individual zones
  • Circulation to kill the well
  • Gas lifting the well
  • Landing a blanking plug in the profile in the upper sub to shut in the well, test the tubing, or test the sleeve itself
  • Circulating inhibitors or methanol


  • Dependable, simple, quick
  • Features an "F" nipple profile above and a packing bore above and below the communication ports
  • Ports can be closed without leaving any obstructions in the tubing once the shifting operation is completed
  • The Model "MD-2" shifting Tool is used to open (jarring down) the ML Circulating Sleeve
  • All premium threads available


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