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4-1/2" - 10-3/4" and 11-3/4" 60-83# Model M series CR products can be easily converted to perform as a Slide Valve Cement Retainer, a Flapper Valve Cement Retainer or a Bridge Plug. For sizes 11-3/4" 38-60# - 20", they need to be configured as requested before getting out of factory. In addition, all sizes (4-1/2" - 20") of these tools may be converted for electric line setting or mechanical setting by selection of proper upper slip and the appropriate running tools.


Slide Valve Cement Retainer

The Slide Valve Cement retainer utilizes a slide valve which is pressure balanced in the closed position to reliably contain high fluid pressures, and opening at high pressure differential. Please refer MWR and MMR for detail information about Slide Valve Cement Retainer.

Flapper Valve Cement Retainer

The Flapper Valve Cement Retainer is utilized in those application where sustained pumping of large volumes of highly abrasive fluids are anticipated. The Standard Stinger Sub on the MSS Stinger Seal Assembly should be replaced with a Flapper Valve Stinger Sub when running Flapper Valve Cement retainers. The Flapper valve Stinger Sub does not have side ports. This helps protect the flapper and valve seat seal from fluid washing during pumping operations.

Bridge Plug

A simple inexpensive "Bridge Plug" is now available in three sizes to convert Slide Valve Cement Retainers (both wireline set and tubing set) to Bridge Plugs. The Bridge Plug is held trapped between shoulders in the retainer body and valve shoe


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